Time to relax (without the guilt)

I wanted to share with you a feeling I experienced tonight. After getting home from work, I felt tired and wanted to relax with some TV and a glass of wine.

After the initial temptation of  this, the guilt started setting in “you have too much to do” “stop being so lazy” “use your time more productively” “you relaxed for a few hours yesterday.”

The amazing thing about my journey becoming an EFT practitioner is that I can now recognise these feelings when they arise and do something about it.

But the truth is that whilst tapping and looking into things more deeply, even though I took Sunday afternoon off I don’t feel I truly relaxed, I felt that I should be doing something, that I was behind if I let myself relax completely.

Carrying this stress and guilt in the body is like carrying a sack full of rocks around. You get more and more exhausted and more and more strain is put on the body.

Even athletes will tell you that they need time off from training to allow their bodies to be at their best and the same goes with us. Pushing yourself too hard can only be detrimental to you in the long run.

So now after tapping through the initial guilt of allowing myself a night off, with the inner knowing that I am doing good for my body (okay, minus the wine) and that tomorrow I will be more productive.

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Attracting positive experiences into your life- A three stage process



A lot of the time when we release a negative emotion/ feeling around an issue after using EFT, I like to tap in positive emotions so we can go forward in a positive way and pursue our dreams based on what we want to create in the future.

I am such a fan of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting because not only does it release the negative emotion around an issue or memory, but you can use it to create positive images.

The problem with only clearing the negative means that although the negative emotion around an issue no longer exists, it does not automatically create a positive emotion around that particular issue. For example, if you have low self esteem whilst around particular people, clearing this does not necessarily mean you will feel confident around that same group.

When we have got the SUDS level of the original negative emotions down, there is often some resistance there when the possibility of having a positive experience is explored. This can be corrected using the following 3 step process:

1)      Do subsequent rounds of EFT to ensure that all aspects of the particular issue are resolved.

This is by far the most important step of the process. It is important not to move on until you have addressed all aspects of the problem otherwise it is difficult to tap in the positives when clutter still exists by way of the negative. Sometimes it can take a number of sessions dealing with one aspect if the emotions are deeply rooted. Do not rush this process.


2)      Focus on exactly it is you do want

These sounds simple, but ensure it is the positive aspect you are focusing on. Many times I have heard people say “I don’t want my boss to yell at me” or “I no longer want to be in debt.” Beware of focusing on the negatives in this way. A simple correction is to reverse the negatives i.e. “I want my boss to praise me for my efforts” or “I want to be able to pay my bills with ease.” This is a great starting point for tuning into what you do want.


3)      Be specific and be inspired

With EFT, to clear a negative emotion around an issue, it is vital to be as specific about how it makes you feel, and where you are feeling it. The same process applies with tapping in the positives.

What would your perfect life be like? What would change?

The most common answer I have heard with regard to financial issues is “I would win the lottery”

The trick is to get even more specific, so if you won the lottery and you went on the holiday of your dreams, close your eyes and really feel the feelings of what you want and experience the feelings of this. What would you be able to do that you can’t do at present, how would this affect your life and the life of those around you?

Explore with yourself what you would do if you knew you could not fail.

Do not rush this process. Take the time to really experience the positive emotions associated with it. The trick is to inspire your subconscious to really want to achieve this goal. If any resistance comes up or negative feelings, go back to the basic EFT protocol, explore this further and clear.

Once you’ve taken the time to do the above, just be aware that you can return to this positive state at any time, just by closing your eves, taking a breath and focusing on this positive energy.

I would love to hear about your experiences with this exercise and any believes or realizations that came up to you.

I invite you to reply to this post or comment using Facebook or Twitter to share your experience with this, any blocks that came up for you and any differences you noticed in yourself or others after doing this exercise.

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Don’t Forget to Breathe: Why taking a breath is crucial during the EFT process

MeditationThis blog post assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT and  Matrix Reimprinting. If you do not, please visit www.freeflowingtherapies.co.uk for further details as to the above.

I’ve just got back from an amazing (yet busy) weekend away. During the weekend I really got chance to practice medication and connect with myself. As a result I found that inspiration came to me with ease.

I was reminded how important it was to take a breath and take some time out during a busy schedule.

I’ve lost count of how many people I know that don’t remember when the last time was they took a deep breath or two!

When you take a breath and really focus on the air entering and leaving your lungs it helps your mind focus and helps to clear all the chatter going on in your mind. This is the part of the EFT process I find of the upmost importance before and after a round of EFT. Taking a breath before a round helps the mind focus on the particular aspect to be worked on as often there are a few aspects to a single problem and it is important to fully in and be specific and at the end of a round the deep breath helps to release all the old negative energy out of the body.

Taking a breath is a crucial part of to the EFT process but is often overlooked by many.

I wanted to share this with you because to even the most dedicated eft’ers there are times life gets so busy you don’t have time to do full rounds of tapping but you always have time to take a deep breath. So next time you need to prepare for a meeting/ make that phone call or anything you need to focus on just try breathing in and out for 8 seconds each whilst tapping on the meridian points on your the left side of your fingers at the top next to the nail bed and the karate chop point (I say these points as they are discreet and you are able to do under the table of your desk) as you are already tuned in you don’t need the set up phrase. Whilst you are doing this observe the negative energy leaving your body as you exhale. Try this 3 times and observe any emotions or memories that come up for you for working no when you have the time to do so.

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Physical pain



This blog post assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT and  Matrix Reimprinting. If you do not, please visit www.freeflowingtherapies.co.uk for further details as to the above.

Have you ever experienced intense physical pain, gone to your doctor only to be told that there was nothing physically wrong with you? I had the same trouble about 3 years ago. I suffered excruciating pain down the left side of my neck. Painkillers had very little effect and so I attended my GP only to be told that they couldn’t find anything wrong. Back then I wish I had been introduced to EFT as it would have saved me days of unnecessary suffering.

So what happened to cause me this pain? Was I making it up or exaggerating my symptoms? Was it all in my mind? Of course not! As EFT founder Gary Craig has stated in his discovery statement to EFT “all negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.” 

Now when I experience pain before doing anything I look at the emotion behind the symptom. I am therefore able to get to the root cause and therefore permanently eliminate the pain. As for friends and family that complain of pain when having a general chat? … Well they had better get ready to tap!

Many find that their immune system is weaker in times of stress. How many times have you gone through a stressful time in your life only to be struck down with a cold, flu or physical pain at the same time?
With EFT we get to the root cause of the problem to eliminate the possibility of the pain returning. The physical symptoms are often you bodies way of communicating to you. If you don’t listen to it, it will shout louder and louder until you can no longer ignore it.

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This blog post assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. If you do not, please visit http://www.freeflowingtherapies.co.uk for further details as to the above.

Critical Voice Have you ever wanted to do something or had a dream or ambition but then something inside of you had prevented you by telling you that you’re not good enough/ Smart enough or talented enough?

We all have a critical voice inside of us and we are all guilty of believing what it says. How many times have you justified not doing something using the exact same words as your critical voice? I.e. I didn’t finish my book because I’m not a good writer/ no one will be interested in what I have to say.

Have you ever thought of how much more fulfilling life would be if you didn’t have that critical voice holding you back? If so read on for a fabulous 5 step process on how to eliminate your critical voice which you can begin to do straight away….

Step 1- Acknowledge it
This is where a lot of people trip up (including myself). We know we have this inner voice speaking to us but we try to ignore it and push it to the back of our mind hoping it will disappear, but the problem is with this technique is we just push it further into your body, it’s still there and it shouts louder at us.

Step 2- Listen to what it is saying to you.
Take some time to listen to it, what exactly is it saying to you? Write it down if that helps. Eckhart Tolle calls this the “pain body” and states that when it is listened to, it gets weaker. This is because your body is not trying to resist it any longer and so it no longer has that energy to feed off of.

Step three- Who or what does this voice remind you of?
Have you felt this way before? Or has someone said something similar to you previously. It could even be something innocent such as a parent being cross with you as a child telling you are naughty. But this has stuck with you and so you are running the belief that you are bad or not good enough. Doing this inner work will get toy to the root cause (there may be more than one.)Step four- Ask it why it is saying this to you?
If a friend, colleague or even a stranger says something critical to you, we always try to ask why they have said it, is it because they are angry? Is it to keep us safe? Do the same with your critical voice, ask why it is saying these hurtful comments to you and listen carefully to the response.

Step five-Release it
Okay, now you have acknowledged the root cause and what the inner voice is telling you, it’s time to release it. This is where the phenomenal techniques of emotional freedom technique (tapping) and Matrix reimprinting come in. With EFT you can release the emotions associated with these comments and neutralize your reaction to the comments. Once the reaction is neutralized, the pain body no longer has the emotion to feed off of. With Matrix reimprinting, we go back to the past event causing this belief and reimprinting a new positive believe in the subconscious at the time the original belief was made, this stops you running your old, damaging belief system over and over.

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